× Attention!

In connection with the outbreak of Covid-19, we currently have (some) different rules:

Maximum of 6 persons, if you want to keep 1,5m distance, we advice a maximum of 4 persons!

Different times, so the hosts can clean up the place!

Your host will be wearing gloves and a face mask!

Escaperoom: The Butcher



  • Reservation is required.

  • A reservation is for a group between 2 and 6 persons*.

  • Make sure you are 10 minutes early, before the game begins.

  • *Due to our permit and fire safety, we never deviate from the maximum number of 6 people.

Regulations escaperoom:

  • All objects with a lock, are meant to be opened with that lock.

  • Nothing is meant to be unscrewed, dissambled or demolished.

  • There is no need to climb on anything.

  • Damage caused by participant(s) will be recovered from participant(s).

  • Participants under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs will be denied access.

Pay Attention!

You (or someone else) has paid a lot of money to do this escape, so we advise you to play "the game" and not just try out all sorts of codes, because you will lose clues and do not know what is relevant to the "escape" and what isn't.

RockanjEscape is not liable for damage to clothing or injury to persons due to improper use of the escaperoom.
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