× Attention!

In connection with the outbreak of Covid-19, we currently have (some) different rules:

Maximum of 6 persons, if you want to keep 1,5m distance, we advice a maximum of 4 persons!

Different times, so the hosts can clean up the place!

Your host will be wearing gloves and a face mask!

Escaperoom: The Butcher


In Rockanje you can find an old abandoned butchery. People regularly seem to dissappear from there.

Do you dare to investigate the place?

But make sure you escape in 1 hour, because the butcher will be back by then!

  • An escape costs €70,00 for minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 persons.

  • Minimum age is 16 years old. 12 years old with supervise of an adult.

  • There is no Horeca present.

  • Pay Attention: During cold days, it can be cold in our escaperoom. Warm clothes might be good idea.

  • Location: Molendijk 6, Rockanje

  • Accepted payments:

    - Cash*

    - Ideal

    - Paypal

    - Bankcard/Creditcard** via Sumup

    *Attention: Payments in Cash have an additional cost of €10,00
    **Attention: Payments by card have an additional cost of €10,00

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